Pink Mint Universal Lash D 0.07 Single Trays


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Why do we call our newest lashes the  UNIVERSAL LASH?!  Because it can be used, for classics, hybrid and volume!  We believe in simplifying your lash drawers. You no longer need an abundance of thicknesses. 

Want classics? Grab 3 lashes at once and apply them to a single natural lash! 

Want volumes? No problem! Our lashes our ultra lightweight and super easy to fan!

Perfect for all types of lashing! 

Did you know that there really is not a big difference between mink and silk lashes? One company's silk line could be another company's mink line.  Typically the lash will taper at a different spot, and one might be slightly more matte than the other.  Can your really tell? 

You as the lash artist may be able to see the slight difference, but your client will not be able to tell the difference.

What does this mean for you as the customer? 

We spent the time to make sure the quality of the lash is the best quality and took the guesswork out of deciding if you should purchase mink or silk!  (Because, you definitely do not need mink AND silk lashes).

We guarantee that our lashes are made from Korean PBT fibre (the best lash fibre out there)!  

The lashed hold their curl, are black and super soft! Plus, they are super easy to fan! 



*The thickness of these are a bit thinner than the Eye Candy Brand.  Please keep that in mind when purchasing.*


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