Shinee #1 Spa Lift


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Shinee #1 Spa Lift
Shinee #1 Spa Lift

Step 1 of the lash lift process, also called the perm step.  This is the first step to be used for a lash lift!

This formula is white in color, which contains less irritants and is a more gentle formula for your clients eyes.  It is also contains less fumes. 

The Shinee formula is great for sensitive clients and for anyone that does not tolerate the smell of regular lash lift solutions.

*Shinee Step 1 solution is Thioglycolic acid free*

Processing time:
10-15 minutes depeding on thickness of lashes.  Can leave on for up to 25 mins safely if desired effect is not reached with 10-15 mins.

Sake-Kojic Extract, Emacol, Aroma, Cetanol, Mercaptoacetic acid, Eau

Air, light, temperature or moisture would affect SHINEE soIutions/adhesive/ serum/coating/mascara. Do not place under heat or light. The best way is to store products is a cool, dark, dry place. Temperature: about 20 degree Celsius. Humidity: around 45-55%RH. Do not put them in the refrigerator! Keep the nozzle clean and tight. When you open the products, please use as soon as possible. 
Shinee products can be heat sealed for approximately 1 week before having to discard.

Shinee #1 Spa Lift
Shinee #1 Spa Lift

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