Sky Zone Adhesive


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Sky zone adhesive offers industry leading retention of up to an amazing 7 weeks in addition to a super fast drying time of 1-2 seconds.  is designed for a professional artist with a very quick 1-2 second drying time.
Usually, to achieve such outstanding performance, there is a slight compromise in the product.  However with the new sky zone adhesive, the fumes are very low and the retention is 6-7 weeks!

► Drying time: 1-2 seconds
► Retention Period: 6-7 weeks
► Color: Black
► Volume: 5ml
► Latex & Formaldehyde Free & Approved by ITQA
► Ideal Application Conditions: 74-82F with humidity of RH 50-70%

Room Temp: 18-28C (77-82F)

Room Humidity: 50-70%

5mL Bottle. 


Before and during use:
- This glue is not suitable for applying cluster/strip lashes, and must be applied by a professional
- Shake well before use (for 30s – 60s).
- This glue may not be suitable for people with sensitive eyes.
- If glue contacts skin or eyes, flush immediately with water or saline solution. If discomfort continues, seek advice from a doctor.

- Once opened, use within 2 months.
- Store upright with cap closed in a cool dry place away from children.


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