What's so great about Plume?

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Plume Hair and Lash Science, why is this product so great???  Well firstly, being in the beauty world and getting eyelash extensions for about 8 years now and being immersed in the lash world can make you want to be on top of the latest and greatest products.  

What is Plume?  

Plume is a lash and brow growth serum.  

Plume Hair & Lash Science, the first of its kind to be released into the market, is a specially formulated 100% natural lash and brow-enhancing serum, packed with botanical actives.

Their vision?

For the “Natural Beauty Queen”, Plume is the only brand whose Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum not only provides 100% natural and effective results, but also empowers her to become the woman she is meant to be. Isn't this fantastic?

Why is it amazing?

Well there are a few reason why I love Plume.  First of all, it contains ALL natural ingredients!  Really?! Yes this is definitely possible, and Plume managed to pull this off quite well! No chemicals whatsoever! Beautiful!  Secondly, because it is all natural, all of you mom's can use it when you are pregnant or breastfeeding.  I think that this is so magical because if I had known this product existed when I was pregnant, I guarantee you I would be using it as i had terrible pregnancy lashes.  Instead I had to wait until after I was done breastfeeding to get my lashes to where I wanted them to be.  Thirdly, Plume was formulated locally in Calgary Alberta (that's right, Alberta)!  We love to support local when possible, and Plume allows us to do that! Fourthly, Plume is very gentle and works well.  AAAANNNND it is cruelty-free which we love! 

Formulated by an internationally acclaimed EFCM Master Cosmetic Chemist and backed with a 100% happiness guarantee, Plume is equally committed to quality as to sustainability and safety. Furthermore, Plume as been rated zero by Think Dirty and is certified Cruelty-Free by PETA.

When I read a local newspaper article about Plume, I knew we had to sell it in our store.  Jessy and I (and our employees) all tried it out and got great results!  My lashes grew 4mm-I'm not lying!  In our salon, this product flies off the shelves because our clients love it so much!  After that, it became very clear that we needed to get this product out to all the lash techs out there, so they can share Plume with their clients!  

Plume contains Castor Oil, will this affect my clients extensions?

No. Plume is an excellent compliment to high quality extensions that have been properly applied by a qualified beauty professional.

Lash extensions are almost universally applied with a cyanoacrylate-based adhesive, and Plume has been tested as having no measurable effect on the bond created by cyanoacrylate and it's esters (Methyl-cyanoacrylate, Ethyl-cyanoacrylate, Ocytlcyanoacrylate).

Note: While Plume has been tested on a variety of extensions and extension adhesives without incident, we cannot guarantee that it will not interact in an unexpected way(s) with every lash adhesive that has ever been produced, or that Plume will prevent interactions caused by other personal care products from taking place with one's extensions.

I have personally used Plume with Eye Candy's Pro Glue and have not had any issues with lash retention! 


Thank you for reading ladies, and you will see our Deal of the Month for April is Plume!  As always email with any questions to sales@eyecandylashextensions.ca

In the meantime, happy lashing, 



Note: The points in purple, are directly from Plume!

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