To Pre-made or not to Pre-made?!

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What is up with Pre-made fans?

There is a lot of debate, especially on many of the lash forums about pre-made volume fans.  

Now I hear all of you who have taken training classes and worked your butt off to learn how to do handmade volume! We are all like "WHAAAAAATTT"?!?  Pre-made fans are terrible, I can't believe Eye Candy is offering pre-made fans, I thought they were a reputable distributor. Let me just say this,  I totally understand where you are coming from. 

When Jessy first approached me with these things called "pre-made volume fans", I told her that it was cheating and they are offensive to me as I learnt the hard way how to properly apply volume lashes, and the hours, oh the hours it took me to do a full set of volume.  I was appalled.  

Jessy was quite persistent, and when she had attempted multiple times to do a full set of handmade volume she ended up in quite a bit of pain from elbow tendonitis.  After lashing for many years, it can definitely take a toll on the body.  She was able to use these pre-made fans and do a full set without having the pain form doing handmade fans.  

After ordering and trying out a lot ( a lot ) of pre-made fans, we came to an agreement on 2 types that we like. ( I was really against them when we were trying out the poor quality fans, but then when we found a manufacturer that could make us good quality fans, it started to change my opinion).

I started to realize that as I was applying these lashes, they are very lightweight and clients loved them! It was also nice to add some to my handmade volumes. The fans are always perfect, which is wonderful, and they cut down my lashing time.  

I also find them great for students who are learning to do proper handmade volume. You can still give your client a full set of volume, and get lots of practicing in! ( I found the hardest part was getting my clients to switch from classic to volume when they were only 2-3D, as they liked the darker classic look.  Now they love volume and would never go back)!

Our pre-made fans are placed together with heat and not excessive amounts of adhesive allowing them to still be lightweight on the lashes.  We currently sell 3 and 4D, and are looking into investing into more.  

You cannot wrap them like handmade volume, this is true, but if you apply them as you would a classic lash (this is how we like to think of them as a type of classic lashing) you will get the same retention as a classic lash! 

They are more costly, but if you charge accordingly, you will be making your money back, and like I said, clients love them!!

I hope this was helpful information!  As always please message us with any questions!




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